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27 June 2007

LaShun Pace Rhodes

Tarrian LaShun Pace (sometimes credited as LaShun Pace Rhodes or Shun Pace Rhodes) is an American gospel singer and evangelist.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in Chicago, Pace first emerged during the mid-1970s

LaShun Pace is a tremendous woman of stamina and perseverance. She has endured the death of her daughter, two divorces, sickness and yet she still sings praise to God for all He has done. Her latest project, Complete, is a testimony to her belief that God is yet on the throne and worthy to be praised. She and Justin Gilbert produced the CD.

La Shun Pace simply sets the tone for gospel achievement. The two constants you can count on from La Shun are unwavering devotion to the message of the Lord and solid music that stays on the charts. The reigning diva of Savoy Records first made her musical mark in 1988, when she recorded In the House of the Lord with Dr. Jonathan Greer & The Cathedral of Faith Choir. La Shun's obvious talents were enormous, so Savoy signed her to a solo recording contract.

Gospel's noted artist, Rev. Clay Evans once told La Shun that she would eventually pick up and carry the torch left by the mother of gospel music, Mahalia Jackson. Following in those footsteps, La Shun has become one of gospels most popular and sought after recording artists.

La Shun's debut solo album with Savoy He Lives, in 1990, earned her national acclaim. The album packed one of gospel's top acappela hits, I Know I've Been Changed. It remained in the Top 20 of Billboard magazine's Gospel Albums Chart for well over a year, peaking at the Number 2 spot. Her second album with Savoy Shekinah Glory, in 1993, reunited her with The Cathedral of Faith Choir. The album yielded such hits as My Times and In Everything Give Thanks. Her next album A Wealthy Place took her music and ministry to an even higher level. It quickly rose to Billboard's Top 15 on the Gospel Albums Chart while also topping nearly every gospel chart in the nation at one time or another. Having success associated with everything you do, La Shun continues to soar among the ranks of the gospel artists.

La Shun has accomplished much during her ever-blessed career. She appeared in the hit movie Leap of Faith starring comedian Steve Martin. She has been involved in such theatrical productions at The Living Cross and the nationally acclaimed A Fool and His Money. She has performed at such major events as the McDonald's Chicago Gospelfest, The Atlanta Black Expo, and The Gospel Music Workshop of America. Her talents also have graced such prestigious venues as Washington D.C.'s, Kennedy Center and New York's, Paramount Theater.


  • In the House of the Lord with Dr. Jonathan Greer and the Cathedral of Faith Choir (1988)
  • He Lives (1990)
  • Shekinah Glory (1993)
  • A Wealthy Place (1996)
  • Just Because God Said It (1998)
  • God is Faithful (2001)
  • It's My Time (2005)
  • Complete (2007)

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LaShun Pace at MySpace


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